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The worlds first video competition platform. Showcase your creativity by uploading 7 second videos and win cash!

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Features Never Stop

We aim to make Oevo the best short video app. We continously add new features to help users and content creators grow on the platform.

record oevos
Record & Edit

Upload 7 second videos using the Oevo camera. Save videos to share on other social media platforms.

win competitions
Win Competitions

Win daily, weekly and monthly competitions by sharing and posting the best content

Earn coins
Earn Coins

Donate to your favorite creators and have others donate to you as you grow your fan base.

Revo & Share

Twitter has Retweet, Vine had Revine, Oevo has Revo. You can also share your content outside the app.

join oevo

Grow a Fan Base for Your Short Video Content

Join the community and become part of a growing video content platform for new creators and short video viewers.

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What is Oevo? And why did we create Oevo?

What is Oevo?

OEVO stands for Original Entertainment Videos Online. A 7 second competition based video social networking app with daily competitions that gives creators a chance to win $100 everyday. To secure a spot on the top we encourage creators to share their videos within OEVO and on other platforms. We also allow fans to donate to creators that they are influenced by and feel closest too.

What is an Oevo?

An Oevo is an original 7 second video on the platform. People create Oevos to share 7 second videos with friends.

What are Circles?

Circles are video views loops that count as you watch a video completly.

How can I be verified on Oevo?

Please check the verification form here
We look at the time spent on app. How much you have shared the app and your videos. The content you post. Your following on other platforms. Active daily Oevo user with good standing account. We do not accept users that are hateful to other Oevo users. We do not accept musically verified user at this time.

What are coins?

Oevo coins are the currency inside the app that can be exchanged for real cash or goods in or out of the app. They can also be used to donate to your favorite users to become super fans!

How do I earn coins?

Coins are earned by posting original content and winning daily and weekly competitions. You can also earn through donations from other users. Oevo will soon release a coin rewards system that helps users earn coins daily!

Is Oevo on Android and Iphone?

OEVO is on both platforms. You can download it on iPhone via the app store and on android phones using the play store.

How do I get on Editors Pick & Spotlight?

We look for the best Oevo’s and choose ones with the most engaging and creative original content. New Editors Pick and Spotlight videos are chosen every day. So keep posting creative, engaging, and original content and don’t forget to share!

I have more questions!

Contact us at team@oevo.com

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