Please follow the steps below to report a bug:


1. Screen Recording: If you want to report a bug, it makes it easier for us to understand the bug if you make a screen recording of it. To make a screen recording on iOS, you swipe up the dashboard and then press screen recording: 

If you do not have an Iphone X or screen recording feature, please take a video with another phone or install a screen recording app to help us understand the issue better. 

Please remember reporting a bug is more important then having the video. So if you experience a problem and dont know how it happened just briefly explain it in the email. We will get it sorted out very quickly!

2.  When reporting a bug, make sure to specify which type of phone you use. Email it at 


We Would Love To Hear Your Ideas!

  • If you have an idea or suggestions for new features or to make the app better, then please email us at  Please make sure to write your email throughly so that we understand. Put "Re: New Idea..." in the subject line.  We love to implement new ideas and discuss with user about the app!